murls and burls (2016)

When squirrels approach a pinecone with intentions of consumption, knowledge of the cone’s anatomy proves a valuable partner in aid of discerning the difference between a morsel of desire and trash. Once chosen, the cone is torn apart; squirrel-chucked to the tone of shucking corn. Ingesting the edible seeds within and discarding the rest.

Scattered below a favorite snack perch, accumulation of the unwanted scraps stack up and might eventually take the form of a mound. This is not called a murl. It is called midden. Not a midden - just midden. It is not size or quantity that constitutes it being referred to as such, rather this label of status is the result of the ultimate judgment by its user. Not a trash – just trash. 

Burls are those knots on trees they chop off to make bowls out of.

A murl isn’t anything.

Nolan Fedorow and Joseph McCarthy. Murls and Burls. No relation.
A collaboration and exhibition of art and art objects.
An orange spot appears on the hill.
Visible from the south west corner of the exhibition space -- which is in-turn visible from the hill -- a celebratory pair of pants overlook the valley.